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Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) Services
Webinar Series and Research Report

Consists of Two AEI reports:

A report of a three-part webinar series on AEI opportunities
Each of the webinars focuses on a way that AEI can improve the standing of broadcasters and the safety of the communities they serve. The summary articles for each webinar include a link to view it as an on-demand video. 

A research study on how American consumers value AEI services
Over 2,000 consumers were asked about the value they place on the features AEI services can offer. In addition, consumers were asked where they turn to for information during local emergencies. The study was released in early 2022 through the ENVISA organization.

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The Case for an ATSC 3.0
Advanced Emergency Information Service

New consumer-facing research from the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance (NVISA), sponsored by Sinclair Broadcast Group's subsidiary, ONE Media 3.0, offers the first insight into which features American consumers want most in a NextGen Broadcast-enabled emergency information service. As seen in the NAB issue of TV Tech magazine:

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