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NAB 2022 Reference Material
From One Media 3.0 Activities

This download consists of a Zip file that contains the following items from NAB 2022 Activities 

Bally Sports Regional Sports Network HDR/SDR Demo 

1. Sports Single Stream HDR-SDR Block diagram

       A workflow graphic of the single-stream HDR/SDR demo and proof of concept
2. Advanced HDR by Technicolor at NAB 2022
       Describes Sinclair's Bally Sports Networks & ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV Broadcasts use

       cases,where the demos of these use cases are located at NAB 2022, and the underlying

       technology of "Advanced HDR by Technicolor"
3. Press Release
      "Sinclair to Bring Superior Video Quality to the World of Sports / Improving the Viewer

       Experience with High Dynamic Range Entertainment"

Broadcast App and HDR Demo
4. NAB Show - Demo Leave Behind - NextGen Broadcast Benefits
       NextGen Broadcast Benefits ---- NOW!!  - NAB ATSC booth tech demo: Highlights the

       Broadcast App, which enables interactive viewer participation, and single-stream

       HDR/SDR for ATSC 3.0 NextGen broadcasts
5. Press Release
       "Sinclair Broadcast Group Demonstrates Enhanced Elements of NextGen Broadcast at

       NAB Show"

6. Press Release
       "Sinclair to Offer Sophisticated Open-Source Broadcast App to the Broadcast Industry

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